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Hydro (Large) Troglin

Hydro (Large) Troglin


RELEASE DATE: August 2023


MEET HYDRO! The first mainstream Troglin release and named after the first element on the periodic table! 

Introducing the captivating world of Troglins with our exclusive limited edition plush toy, "Hydro"! Be among the privileged few to own a piece of Troglin history as "Hydro" becomes the first of its kind to grace store shelves. Limited to just 5000 pieces worldwide, each plush comes accompanied by a prestigious certificate of authenticity, ensuring its place in the collectable toy market.

But that's not all – our "Hydro" plush also boasts a meticulously hand-numbered limited edition tag adorned with shimmering gold foil, signifying its unique status within this plush collection. As Troglin continues to enchant hearts over the next three years, you'll be proud to possess one of the cherished originals that will soon be impossible to find in stores.

Seize the opportunity to embrace the magic of Troglins with "Hydro" – an exquisite keepsake that not only brings joy today, but also promises to become an invaluable piece of your collection tomorrow. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of the Troglin legacy before it's too late.

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